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Rural Development Leadership Network (RDLN), a national multicultural social change organization founded in 1983, supports community-based development in poor rural areas through hands-on projects, education and skills building, leadership development and networking.

Through RDLN, emerging leaders from poor rural areas spearhead development projects and design related study through which they may earn a certificate or academic credential. (Currently Master's degree. We are willing to work with participants on B. A. and PhD arrangements.)

RDLN Leaders work teams of field and study advisors and participate in RDLN's month-long Rural Development Institute held at the University of California at Davis, sharing knowledge, culture, regional experience and programmatic expertise. Institute seminars include economics and economic development, overview of rural areas, organization and management, and tools for rural development.

At RDLN's National Network Assemblies and other gatherings, Network members take part in workshops and training, discuss issues, visit rural projects, learn about other cultures, share their own experience, and plan for special Network initiatives and projects.

Through the Rural Women's Network, RDLN organized a forty-member delegation to the NGO Forum on Women in China, presenting workshops there and at World Food Summit, the Commission on the Status of Women,the World Conference Against Racism and other international sessions. In the past, four rural women's producer groups worked on developing a line of rural women's products, especially crafts and products made from locally grown food, for sale on our website.

RDLN provides online networking and training in entrepreneurship, writing, and other areas for Network members and other community people.

Starry Krueger, President
Rural Development Leadership Network
PO Box 98, Prince St. Station, New York, NY 10012
(212) 777-9137; Fax (212) 477-0367
[email protected]

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