Writing Retreat for Community Builders

Writing Workshop

Writing is an essential tool for all kinds of community development. In order to communicate with a range of people -- colleagues, funders, constituents, media, government agencies, and/or the general public, one needs good writing skills. Proposals, reports, press releases, memos, and even notes to friends and co-workers demand this skill. So does any kind of formal education.

As a community builder, you may benefit from participating in one of RDLN's intensive four-day workshop if they are actively working in rural community development and if any of the following apply:

You would like to write better

Lack of confidence holds you back/you have trouble getting started

You need practice with grammar and sentence structure

You want practice organizing your thoughts in writing

You want to concentrate for a block of time on a certain piece of writing.

Local organizations have hosted Writing Retreats for Community Builders in their areas.

Magaret Eldred

Magaret Eldred, Instructor

Billie Jean Young, Instructor

Writing Workshop

Meredith McGee and Bea Ross at workshop in Mississippi

Writing Workshop

Katie Alexander consulting her notes

Writing Workshop

Bonita Williams and Aretha Phillips discuss the assignment