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NGO Forum

Forty rural women who traveled with RDLN to China for the NGO Forum on Women in 1995



International Exchange and Representation
RDLN organized a delegation of forty rural women to participate in the NGO Forum on Women in 1995. In that and subsequent meetings, RDLN women from the U.S. have had the opportunity for exchange with those from other countries. We have had panels and workshops at the Commission on the Status of Women, the World Food Summit, and the Association for Women and Development. Women in the Network intend to prepare a Rural Women's Platform for Action.

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Rural Women's Product Development and Marketing Venture
RDLN worked with rural women's groups on strengthening their organizations, their products and their marketing. Visits to each other's sites, peer exchange on business methods and production, mutual support, and workshops with resource people were key parts of this project. Support came from the Hitachi Foundation, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and other funders.

Rural Women's Products
Rural women joined together to market their crafts and other products on the internet.


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