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Apply to be an RDLN Leader

RDLN Rural Development Institute
Deadline to Apply: Apply Immediately
Hosted by University of California at Davis

Join us as for a month of intensive study and peer exchange!
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RDLN Degree Program
Earn a degree while working in rural communities!

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The Program - Duration: 18-36 months. Demanding curriculum includes: Field Project implementation, related independent study, RDLN Rural Development Institute (4 1/2 weeks) at the University of California at Davis for intensive study, exchange and networking. Qualified participants may earn a master's degree or certificate from RDLN. We are exploring additional degree options. The master's is awarded by Kansas State University as part of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GP-IDEA) program. Each RDLN Leader works with the guidance of a Field Advisor and Study Advisors. Each has a Sponsoring Organization which serves as an umbrella for the Field Project and contributes financially to RDLN. Standard tuition costs apply. Institute Cost: $6000, lodging and air included (subject to change)

Application Procedure - Complete the RDLN application, include an autobiographical essay describing previous work in rural community development, outline of proposed RDLN Field Project and study program, resumé, other background material, three letters of recommendation. Telephone interviews of finalists. Sponsoring Organizations: Write to RDLN for information and agreement form. You will be asked to commit programmatic, financial, and logistical support for the RDLN Leader you sponsor.

Criteria For Selection - 1) Proven dedication to community-based rural community development, 2) For master’s degree, B.A. degree. 3) Commitment to building relationships with other rural people and communities, 4) Willingness to report regularly to RDLN, 5) Ability to work cooperatively and in self-directed, self-motivated way, 6) Presentation of a feasible and valuable RDLN Community Development Project, 7) Sponsorship by an organization which can make the required programmatic and financial contribution to RDLN.

Application Schedule - Please write for a packet of information as soon as possible. General applicants, apply immediately. (Telephone interview, academic transcripts required. While your application is being processed, you may continue identifying funds for the Sponsoring Organization contribution The RDLN Rural Development Institute is held approximately every other year.

Contact us at (212) 777-9137 or rdln@ruraldevelopment.org.
Know others who might be interested in applying? Download a flyer about the program here.
Rolling admission.