History, Activities, Plans

The Native Women's Cooperative Project began in 1996 as an informal grassroots organization for mutual support among native women in Oklahoma. Based in Tahlequah, the capital of the Cherokee Nation, NWCP developed a microlending program to meet personal financial needs of members and their families. Our volunteer co-directors had worked to sell Cherokee artifacts in various settings over the years and broaden the market for such items.
Members of the Native Women's Cooperative Project accept Creative Partnership Award from RDLN

Mountain Windsong Photos
Evelyn Conley, Co-coordinator of the Native Women's Cooperative Project, was previously owner of the Mountain Windsong store, which sold items made by Cherokee artisans
NWCP received an early planning grant from the Eagle Staff Fund. Later, the group was awarded a grant from the Campaign for Human Development to investigate the feasibility of reviving a weaving cooperative (Sequoyah Weavers Guild), which would encourage elderly weavers to train young people and work to find new markets. We believe this craft, deserves the same high status as Cherokee basketmakers now hold.