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Rural community leaders in Mississippi who are working with Food & Health and want to strengthen their knowledge and contribution in the field are invited to apply for a Mississippi Food & Health Fellowship through the Rural Development Leadership Network. Fellows have the option to earn an advanced academic degree. The goal of the Fellowship is to increase community capacity in Mississippi regarding preventive healthcare practices through healthy eating and exercise.

The Rural Development Leadership Network (RDLN), a national, multicultural nonprofit organization based in New York, founded in 1983. The Fellowship is supported by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan.

During enrollment, each participant spearheads a project affecting low-income rural communities to promote awareness and encourage positive engagement in healthy practices in eating and exercise. They will attend a four- week Rural Development Institute with rural community leaders from other areas and will take part in an Assembly with other RDLN Network members.

Four Mississippians entered the program last spring and participated in the RDLN Institute at the University of California at Davis. Two are continuing in the master's degree program.

Applications may be submitted as soon as possible. Criteria for selection include the following:

During the Fellowship, participants will take part in three main activities: 1) implementation of his/her Food & Health Project, 2) Participation in a four-week RDLN Rural Development Institute, and 3) Independent study with qualified academic advisors leading to a master's degree. They will also meet with the other Mississippi Fellows, cooperate in raising community awareness and work with them on policy issues related to food and health in poor rural communities. They will take part in an RDLN National Network Assembly to explore the Fellowship theme and share their project experience with RDLN Network members from other areas.

The Fellowship includes a scholarship for partial costs of earning a master's degree through Antioch University Midwest's Individualized Master of Arts Degree and and participation in an RDLN Assembly.

For an application: Please go to http://www.ruraldevelopment.org/Application.html or call or write to RDLN at P.O. Box 98 Prince St. Station, New York, NY 10012 (212)777-9137 [email protected]