New Masters Degree Option

The Rural Development Leadership Network is a national, multicultural social change organization that supports community-based development in poor rural areas through hands-on projects, education, leadership development and networking.

Incoming Leaders participate in RDLN's month-long Rural Development Institute at the University of California, Davis and then return to their communities where they spearhead an RDLN Field Project for the next two-and-a-half years.

RDLN arranges opportunities for Leaders to gain academic degrees, earning credit for the Institute, their Field Project, and online study.

We are currently announcing a new master's degree option and spreading the word for those who may be ready to enroll. A certificate program is also available.

Our new academic partner is the Great Plains Individualized Distance Education Alliance (GP-IDEA) program, which is a totally online program in Community Development under the umbrella of five universities. A student can take courses from any of the five. One school will serve as host to our students, and this is Kansas State University.

Here is a link to information about the program: Program Information

Candidates can apply right away to the RDLN program.

Here is a link to our application. The application cannot be submitted online. It needs to be printed out and returned to us either by e-mail or regular mail.
Apply to RDLN

An interested candidate can apply right away to the program at Kansas State University. Please call to discuss.

KSU requires an undergrad grade point average (B equivalent) that not all RDLN applicants will meet, but we will advocate for their admittance, based on their extensive knowledge in the field.

The KSU tuition is reasonable -- about $18,000 for the degree. The charge for the Institute is $3,500, plus travel and accommodations. We are willing to brainstorm and cooperate with interested people about possible funding sources.

Here is a link to the KSU application: Apply to Kansas State University

RDLN participants usually start the program by attending our month-long Rural Development Institute at the University of California, Davis. This year, that will have to be virtual and may be spread out over a different time period. We regret this because the Institute has been a great Networking opportunity as well as a significant learning experience.

Participants usually find that they learn the most from their peers in the program. Networking, workshops, and other opportunities for learning, renewal and exchange continue into the future. Please see the attached flier for a list of people who have participated.

Please forward this information to anyone you think would be appropriate. We would love to speak with potential participants on the phone. If you have any questions, please call so that we can answer questions and work with you throughout the process. Thanks for your help in letting people know about RDLN.