RDLN - CSW 2016

Rural Women at the United Nations
Commission on the Status of Women

There was a severe snowstorm in New York in March 2017, and the United Nations canceled its CSW meetings and parallel events on March 14, the day of our scheduled panel. While the weather kept our delegates from interacting with women from other countries on the first day of our meetings, it gave us a chance to get together for more extended exchange among ourselves in one of our hotel rooms. Here is a photo of some members of the group and below are individual photos of delegates and part of what they shared with the group. We also had a chance to watch a video of The Tree, a play about the history of slavery written and directed by RDLN Leader Shirley McClain of North Carolina. (see below). On March 15, we went to the New School to view a panel about community land trusts and a video The Arc of Justice about New Communities, the first community land trust in the U.S., led by Charles and RDLN graduate and Board member Shirley Sherrod (see below).

Older Women --
mcclain_image "Women are about 1.5 billion people on this earth. We are at the top of the pile as far as longevity is concerned. We are living longer. That brings a whole new set of issues -- how to be free from violence, how to be safe in our homes. As we live longer and have less resources... If you've worked making a little amount of money, then when you get to be sixty-five, you'll get a very little amount. In trying to make ends meet, I'm not breaking pills in half. But you know many women are. There's no dental coverage. I can't take care of my daughter and get compensated. They wouldn't pay me. They might send someone out to take care of my daughter, but a caretaker in the home with a disabled person should be able to get paid. At the legislative level, at the self-help level, at the executive branch level, and all the local levels, we can do something. That's what I'm going to be talking about -- out loud -- women like me."

Shirley McClain, North Carolina

to be continued...