RDLN in China
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RDLN in China

RDLN Delegation members traveling to China and disembarking there. We stopped in Los Angeles for orientation, and then we spent a night in Seoul, Korea, on our way.
Members of RDLN Delegation, l to r, Pat Jackson, Verna Devoe, Shirley McClain, Annie Wright (Huff), Ethel McGriff, and Nkwanda Jah. Background Anita LaRan, left, and Janice Prieto, center outside our apartment building

Our apartments in Huairou gave us the feeling of sharing Chinese life. However, most Chinese citizens were kept off the streets during the conference; peddlars were not allowed into town.

Chinese culture (left), Tiananmen Square (center), American icon (right)

Many members of our group received free accupuncture treatments at a nearby hospital and felt much better afterward. We had some rain , including the day part of our group got lost, as well as the day First Lady Hillary Clinton addressed the Conference and made her famous statement that "Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights."

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Reception given by the Ford Foundation

Our RDLN group at the Forbidden City

RDLN in China
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