The People's Book of Land Reform

Many groups in this country have been engaged in land struggles over the past five hundred years. We are inviting Indian nations and groups representing people of color and social change to send us a concise description of their people’s land struggles, historical and contemporary. If there is a version commonly accepted by the group, this is the one that should be used. Select descriptions that are written in plain language rather than legalistic or highly academic versions. These descriptions will be compiled into a book. You will be asked to send multiple copies of your submission (100 - 300 copies) after we have reviewed your contribution. We will then have 100 - 300 of the book for an initial distribution of this volume. RDLN will include introductory materials.

Length of contributions: Two double sided sheets maximum are recommended for a description of historical struggles, and one double sided sheet for a description of current struggles.

Visual Materials: Please include maps, drawings, charts, and other visual materials if you have them, because this will make the volume more inviting.

List of Readings: Since some people will want to know more about your land struggles after reading your contribution, and since this material may eventually be used in classroom settings or by reporters or policy makers, include a list of recommended readings if you can.

Multicultural Land Reform Project: The goals of this project are to increase awareness of land issues across cultural lines, to bring together diverse groups working on this issue, and to develop resources and actions in support of the efforts of people’s groups to retain and acquire land.

Please feel free to call and discuss this project with us.

Project Description
Statement of Land
Challenge to Churches