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What's New 2015

RDLN Assembly in Mississippi

- Challenging Economic Inequality -

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Assembly Sessions

Silent Auction

Site Visits

oleta_fitz Host Oleta Fitzgerald
Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative (SRBWI)

RDLN Mississippi Food & Health Fellow Oleta Fitzgerald, Regional Administrator for the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative (SRBWI), led a session at the Mississippi Delta Council For Farm Workers Opportunities, Inc. (MDCFWOI) in Clarksdale, Mississippi. This is the site where SRBWI is working with partners to establish a food hub for the Delta. The RDLN visitors heard from Don Green, Executive Director of MDCFWOI and from Willie James Jones, Mayor of Coahoma, Mississippi and the group was treated to samples of food – slices of sweet potato pie, for example -- that are expected to be prepared in a commercial kitchen at the site. The kitchen will serve as an anchor for the food hub. Gloria Sturdevant and Hope Davenport of Greenville work on this project with SRBWI. They also work with a cooperative of women farmers, Women in Agriculture, whose members in several counties, who will be providing nutritional crops for the food hub. Sweet potatoes, including fresh slices for dipping, and cooked sweet potato greens are among the specialties so far.

dorothy Host Dorothy Grady Scarbrough
Mississippians Engaged in Greener Agriculture (MEGA)

We taped two Delta Renaissance TV shows with Sade Turnipseed to highlight the importance of eating well and making locally grown food available with a new generation of farmers. Dorothy is co-lead for Farm-to-School for the state of Mississippi. MEGA farmers mentor young men in farming and they learn to grow, build hoop houses, and harvest food. MEGA assists in new community gardens in backyards, schools, churches and community locations, as well as hosting cooking classes and fitness activities.


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