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The Rural Development Leadership Network’s first online auction was held from April 23 through May 7. The second auction was held from October 28 to November 30, 2011.

On sale were wonderful items donated by people in diverse rural communities, ranging from a Sioux pottery vase with an estimated value of $15 to a stay at a Montana Ranch valued at $1,000.  In between, there was a subscription to a progressive newspaper from the Alabama Blackbelt and a cutting edge handmade bag with metal poptop decoration made by a former farmworker woman.

For a peek at the items that were on sale- most contributed by network members click here.

Here are two examples of what was for sale:

newsOne-year subscription to the Greene County Democrat, a progressive newspaper from the Alabama Black Belt, co-published by RDLN Founding Board member John Zippert.


2Four-day (3 night) stay at a ranch in Montana co-owned by RDLN graduate Nancy Gaynor.






This was a chance to support leadership development in poor rural parts of the United States.  Who can best help build these communities if not those of us who live there?

The auction was part of a grassroots Network funding campaign, which began with an "ask" exercise and Silent Auction at our recent Assembly and continued with a live auction at the Housing Assistance Council conference and several online appeals.

We have been inspired by the example of our colleague Shirley Sherrod, whose group New Communities has contributed generously to RDLN. Shirley is a graduate of the program and former vice chair of the organization.

We will hold other online auctions in the future. Rural communities are calling for your help.  We look forward to your participation.

The RDLN Network Fundraising Committee
Mily Treviño-Sauceda
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Nancy Gaynor
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